Minitab 19 Tutorial

Minitab 19 Tutorial

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Getting Started with Minitab 19 for Windows introduces you to some of the most commonly used features and tasks in Minitab.
Most statistical analyses require that you follow a series of steps, often directed by background knowledge or by the subject area that you are investigating. Chapters 2 through 5 illustrate the following steps:
  • Explore data with graphs and present results
  • Conduct statistical analyses
  • Assess quality
  • Design an experiment
In chapters 6 and 7, you learn to do the following:
  • Use shortcuts to automate future analyses
  • Import data into Minitab from different file types and prepare the data for analysis

The story

A company that sells books online has three regional shipping centers. Each shipping center uses a different computer system to enter and process orders. The company wants to identify the most efficient computer system and to use that computer system at each shipping center.
Throughout Getting Started with Minitab 19 for Windows, you analyze data from the shipping centers as you learn to use Minitab. You create graphs and perform statistical analyses to identify the shipping center that has the most efficient computer system. You then concentrate on the data from this shipping center. First, you create control charts to test whether the shipping center’s process is in control. Then, you perform a capability analysis to test whether the process is operating within specification limits. Finally, you perform a designed experiment to determine ways to improve those processes.
You also learn how to use session commands to automate future analyses and how to import data into Minitab.

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